Wolfgang Puck continues to lead the industry in sourcing fresh, seasonal, all-natural and organic ingredients. Today, Wolfgang's Eat, Love, Live (WELL™) philosophy addresses the critical need to create a new standard in food production that celebrates local farmers, promotes sustainable seafood and humanely treated animals, while offering the most innovative and delicious tastes. WELL™ encompasses the culinary standards in all Wolfgang Puck Companies, including 17 fine dining restaurants, more than 80 Wolfgang Puck fast casual restaurants, and catering venues and events in 17 cities across the nation. For us, it's all about WELL™!


Over the years, our clients have revealed to us the importance of making positive and responsible choices in their dining decisions. You want food that is good for your body, your community, and your environment. What we’ve come to realize is that we can all live, love, and eat WELL™ without causing unnecessary harm to other living things and to our ecosystem. We are making informed choices about the origins of our food so that you can savor a conscientiously raised harvest. Food has power and we can use the power of the fork to make enlightened decisions about the foods we eat.


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Wolfgang Puck's pioneering nine-point humane animal treatment program is a comprehensive, first-of-its-kind, animal welfare program created in partnership with the Humane Society of the United States which aims to stop the worst practices associated with factory farming.


  1. Only serve eggs from cage-free hens.
  2. Only serve all-natural, crate-free pork.
  3. Only serve all-natural, crate-free veal.
  4. Only serve certified sustainable seafood.
  5. Eliminate foie gras from its menus.
  6. Only serve all-natural or organic chicken and turkey meat from farms that are compliant with progressive animal welfare standards.
  7. Continue to feature and expand certified organic selections on all menus.
  8. Continue to offer and expand vegetarian selections on all menus.
  9. Partner with suppliers regarding methods of poultry slaughter that involve less suffering.