Los Angeles, Calif. (April 27, 2009) – When Wolfgang Puck opened Spago in 1982, it changed the way American diners thought about pizza. At Spago, the pizza oven is an altar to which California’s finest fresh ingredients are offered. The fruits of its fires are pizzas that redefined a category of food and continue to wow throngs of diners nearly three decades later. Today, Wolfgang Puck brings the pizzas synonymous with his name into consumer’s homes. New Wolfgang Puck Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas are now available in four varieties at a grocer near you.

“I am thrilled that my pizza line has been received so well and wanted to create additional varieties and a thin crust option for people to enjoy using the freshest, highest-quality ingredients available,” said Wolfgang Puck. “And the new larger size is great for families.”

Wolfgang Puck Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas blend convenience, value and unwavering commitment to culinary quality as demanded by his Eat, Love, Live! WELL™ philosophy. The new pizzas offer value in a satisfying dinner for two. Ready to eat after only 10 - 12 minutes in a standard oven, a delicious dinner is only minutes away. With the Wolfgang Puck brand name on the box, diners can rest assured that the flavor is coming from the most premium, all-natural ingredients – never artificial flavoring. An example of great ingredients leading to divine flavor is the all-natural honey that is kneaded into the dough, resulting in a perfectly sweet balance to the naturally crisp crust.

The four Thin Crust Frozen Pizza varieties are inspired by classic recipes from Wolfgang’s fine dining establishments across the United States. Fresh sun-kissed vegetables and herbs bring earthy balance to satisfying cheeses and succulent meats. Even the simplest variety is anything but common. Wolfgang Puck’s Thin Crust Cheese Pizza features a rich homemade tomato sauce with the sweetness of fresh basil and the zip of crushed garlic. Hot from the oven, the combination of creamy mozzarella, earthy fontina cheese and savory parmesan creates a bubbling topping for the crispy, honey-infused crust. The addition of thickly sliced hormone- and additive-free all-natural uncured pepperoni brings added satisfaction in the Pepperoni variety. The meat-lover in every crowd will be thrilled with Wolfgang’s Tuscan Style pizza. It uses the same three cheeses and delicious sauce with uncured pepperoni, Italian sausage and the unmistakable kick of sorpressatta salami. For the gourmet food lover in all of us, Wolfgang’s Signature Four Cheese, Tomato and Pesto Pizza features the sweet, nutty flavor of freshly made pesto, layered with three cheeses and finished off with thickly sliced Roma tomatoes.

Perfect for a quick dinner on the go or to bring new sophistication to family pizza night, or even to save a bit of time during the next cocktail or dinner party, new Wolfgang Puck Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas provide a pie for all needs and tastes. All four varieties are available in the frozen food section of Albertson’s, located throughout the greater Los Angeles region. The MSRP for all four varieties is $6.49.

The new pizzas are among the first products from Wolfgang Puck’s burgeoning consumer products collection to feature the brand’s new and uniform brand identity. The sleek new look represents Wolfgang Puck’s sharp, artistic and innovative style and will be used moving forward on all of products emanating from the Wolfgang Puck brand. Offerings currently include organic soups, stocks, broths, estate grown coffee, ready-to-drink coffee beverages, cooking sprays, cookware, appliances, appetizers and more.

For more information on Wolfgang Puck, his products, restaurants and other services, please visit www.wolfgangpuck.com.


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New Wolfgang Puck® Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas Redefine Pizza at Home
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New Wolfgang Puck Thin Crust Frozen Pizzas are now available in four varieties at a grocer near you.

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