Soups FAQ

What is the expiration date of your soups?

Each can of Wolfgang Puck soup has a date stamp, indicating the recommended use by date. On the cans, the date can be found on the lid.

Do Wolfgang Puck Soups contain MSG?
Wolfgang Puck all natural soups are preservative-free and contain no added MSG.*

*except for that which naturally occurs in autolyzed yeast extract
Does Wolfgang Puck offer any gluten free products?

Over the next several months, the recipes for some of the Wolfgang Puck soups will move to gluten free. Look for the gluten free claim on each product prior to purchase.

Why are only some of the Wolfgang Puck products gluten free?

Wolfgang Puck’s primary concern is the safety of our consumers. All of our recipes are hand crafted, which explains why some products contain food starches and others do not. Many of our products share manufacturing processes and equipment with gluten containing ingredients and products. For this reason, Wolfgang Puck has decided not to label gluten free on products where we could not ensure compliance with our strict gluten-free standards.

What is the process that Wolfgang Puck uses to ensure products are gluten free?

We analyze gluten-free products to ensure compliance with our strict gluten-free standards at the time of initial production. We perform ongoing testing on finished products on a frequency of at least once every six months to assure continued compliance with our gluten-free policy.

What is the mailing address for CSC Naturals, the distributors of Wolfgang Puck soup?
CSC Naturals & Organics
One Campbell Place
Camden, NJ 08103
Can I buy Wolfgang Puck products by the case?

Yes, our product is available at, and you can also check with your local grocer.

I can't find my favorite varieties of Wolfgang Puck soup. What should I do?

Grocery store chains and distributors ultimately determine how many and which varieties to carry. Ask the manager of your local store to restock your favorite items. Wolfgang Puck soup is also available online at

Is your packaging recyclable?

Our steel cans are 100 percent recyclable. Our can labels are printed with soy ink and are made from 75 percent recycled material.